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Biocomposite mechanics, obtainment and modeling of their structure and properties

Master program

“Biocomposite mechanics, obtainment and modeling of their structure and properties” – master program realized by Tomsk State University (TSU). This research area is in line with strategic program of research of the RF technological platform “Medicine of the future”.



Russian partners of the program:



Foreign partners of the program:



Term of study

2 years (4 semesters).



Admission requirements

Form of education: full-time;

Plan of recruitment in 2016: 8-10 students.

Admission of documents and interview are possible during all year.

Admission for education is realized according to the results of the entrance exams.

Entrance exam – applied mechanics.

Academic year begins from September 1.



What do they train?

Courses of the program includes:

“Computational mechanics and computer engineering”; “Experimental methods of the biomechanics systems research; “Materials for medical application”; “Modelling in biomechanics”; “Human anatomy”.


The area of professional activity of the master program “Biocomposite mechanics, obtainment and modeling of their structure and properties” graduators includes:


Education is realized in the individual work plan of the master student, developed with participation of scientific supervisor of the chosen master program.




Educational and production practices and research work are carried out in Russia, according to the existing agreements it is possible to have a practice in Germany, Greece, Italy, Hungary. Students obtain the skills of work in the corresponding universities – partners and research centers.

Place of work and profession?


Objects of the alumni’s professional activity are:




Head of the program: professor S.N. Kulkov

Tel.: +7-(3822)-529-845, 529-621.



Project coordinator

Yury Kistenev

E-mail: +7 (3822) 528 732