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Fundamental and experimental physics

Master program

Two years of education in the master program “Fundamental and experimental physics” specialized in “Physics of atoms and molecules” give an interdisciplinary education in the field of the newest achievements in atoms and molecules physics in all kinds of professional activities    in the conditions of their implementation into the scientific-research and production activity, including biomedical applications.


Master program “Fundamental and experimental physics” specialized in “Physics of atoms and molecules” is realized in the area 03.04.02 – Physics.


Form of examinations:



Admission examinations:

1. Examination in optics



What is studied?

Aim of the program is training of specialists, having deep knowledge in the field of atoms and molecules physics, laser and optics technologies, based on the physics and chemical properties of atoms and molecules, able to analyze and predict the new directions of development of the fundamental basis of atoms and molecules physics and perspective optics technologies, able to work in the modern conditions of rapidly changing technologies and sharply increasing volume of information, able on the base of fundamental knowledge of atoms and molecules physics to develop new materials and perspective technologies.


The main subjects:

Laser physics. Lasers and laser technologies. Theoretical basis of photonics. Organic chemistry. Spectroscopy of the combination scattering. Physics of the intermolecular interactions. Computer quantum chemistry. Spectroscopy of solids. Molecular spectroscopy of high resolution. Spectral method of analysis. Spectroscopy of intermolecular interaction of the condensed medias.  Luminescent methods of analysis. Laboratory practice in spectroscopy. Biomedical optics.

Place and profession of employment?


Area of professional activity:

Physics of intra - and intermolecular interactions in gases and condensed matters. High-resolution spectroscopy of polyatomic molecules. Photonics of molecules. Laser physics and laser technologies. Optics and optical technology. Optics of atmosphere of the Earth, planets, and interstellar space. Plasma spectroscopy. Spectral analysis in industrial technological processes. Spectroscopic diagnostics in medicine and criminalistics.


Places of work:

universities, research institutes and centers, metallurgical and machine building companies, diagnostic centers.


Project coordinator

Yury Kistenev

E-mail: +7 (3822) 528 732