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Master program

Two years of education in the master program “Genetics” give innovation interdisciplinary education in the field of genetic research. Alumni-genetics have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the cytogenetic aspects of adaptation of human, animals and plants to a changing environment, able to analyze and predict molecular-cytogenetic mechanisms of adaptation and evolution of organisms, able to creativity and innovation in this field, fluent in foreign languages.


Form of education:



Budgetary-funded places:

9 places;


Cost of education:

86 400 rubles*


Form of examination:



Admission examinations:

1. Examination in the area “Biology”

2. Interview



What is studied?

Specialty of the master program – application of the modern research methods, involvement of the leading scientists from the institutes: Research Institute of Cytology of SB RAS, Research Institute of Medical Genetics of SB RAS, Research Institute of Oncology of SB RAMS, Institute of Mental Health of SB RAMS into the realization of the program.


Subjects: Molecular genetics, The modern problems of biotechnologies, Model objects and test-systems, Development genetics, Evolutionary cytogenetic, Molecular cytogenetics, History of genetics, Selected topics of genetics, human Genetics, Evolutionary genetics.


Place and profession of employment?

Education obtained in the master program “Genetics”, will allow You to become the high-skilled professional, able to carry out research experiments in the scientific-research and scientific-production institutions and also to work as a teachers in higher educational institutions of both biological and non-biological profiles.



Head of the program –
doctor of biological science, Professor
Vladimir Nokolaevich Stegniy.


Manager of the program –
candidate of biological science, associate professor
Gleb Nikolaevich Artemov,
e-mail:, +7 923 417 9491.


Address of the program office:
office 228, 36 Lenin ave., Tomsk, 634050.


Comment: * - cost of education was indicated for 2015/2016 academic year


Project coordinator

Yury Kistenev

E-mail: +7 (3822) 528 732