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Physiology, biotechnology, biochemistry and bioinformatics
of plants and microorganisms

Master program

In two years of education the master program “Physiology, biotechnology, biochemistry and bioinformatics of plants and microorganisms” gives the innovation interdisciplinary education in the field of natural science. The graduators obtain the methodology of scientific creativity, are able to use methods of obtainment, processing, analysis and saving of scientific information, are ready for scientific-research, pedagogical and design-production work. The main scientific areas are: (1) hormonal and light regulation of plant morphogenesis; (2) biotechnology and phytochemistry of medicinal and agricultural plants; (3) industrial biotechnology and biotechnologicaly important microorganisms; (4) extremophiles and deep biosphere; (5) genetic engineering of fungi and plants; (6) genomic and transcriptomic analysis.


Form of education:



Budgetary-funded places:

9 places;


Cost of education:

86 400 rubles*


Form of education:



Admission examinations:

1. Examination in th area “Biology”

2. Interview



What is studied?

Sequencing of complete genomes of biotechnological important microorganisms; Bioinformatic analysis of genomes and proteins; Techniques of molecular biology to study the biodiversity of organisms; The modern biochemistry; Transporters of metals and other environmental pollutants; Industrial biotechnology; Biological processes in bioreactors; Cultivation of plants in vitro; Micropropagation of plants; Obtaining biologically active substances in cultures in vitro; Transcriptomic analysis; Genetic engineering of plants and fungi; Metagenomic studies; Obtaining active substances from medicinal plants and fungi; Extremophiles and deep biosphere.


Subjects: “Physiology of plant tolerance to environmental factors”, “Contemporary problems of photosynthesis”, “Morphogenesis and hormones of plants”, “Biotechnology of medicinal and aromatic plants”, “Plants’ Immunity”, “Ecology of microorganisms”, “Environmental policy”, “Practical biotechnology”, “Industrial biology”, “Genetic engineering of plants”, "Molecular methods in biology", "Transcriptomic analysis" etc. the Course "Physiology of respiration" and some sections of other disciplines are taught in English.



Place and profession of emlpoyment?

The alumni are redy for independent scientific work in scientific-research and scientific production firms of the farmaceutical profile of food industry and agricultural complex and also as a teachers of higher educational institutions of the biological profile. Masters may continue education as a graduate students.




Head of the program:
Karnachuk Olga Viktorovna,
doctor of biological science, professor,
head of the department of plants physiology and biotechnology,
tel.: 8(3822)529765, е-mail:


Manager of the program:
Frank Yulia Alexandrovna,
candidate of biological science,
associate professor of department of plants physiology and biotechnology,
tel.: 8(3822)529765, е-mail:


Address of the programs office:
office 214, TSU main building, 36 Lenin ave, Tomsk 634050.


Comment: * - cost of education is indicated for 2015/2016 academic year

Project coordinator

Yury Kistenev

E-mail: +7 (3822) 528 732