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Translational chemical and biomedical technologies

Basic educational master program

Master program “Translational chemical and biomedical technologies” reflects the interdisciplinary character of chemical subjects’ study results with the emphasis to the biomedical application of obtained skills and knowledge. The program implies combination of chemical and biotechnological approaches to the development and use of new chemicals and materials for biomedical application, modern diagnostic and therapeutic methods and techniques.



Form of education

full-time with the elements of distance-learning



Terms of the program

2 years



Admission requirements

Admission examinations: examination in chemistry and biology, interview with the preference to the candidates already having some knowledge, experience and competences, in the subject area, able in the process of education to analyze they own experience and make motivated development they own professional activity.



What is studied?

The key disciplines are: the basis of biochemical technologies. Introduction into the science of polymers and biocompatible composite materials, chemical methods of obtainment of biologically active  compounds and the industrial synthesis of biomedical materials, chemical basis of the molecular biology and gene engineering, The basis of biometrics (models invivo and clinical researches), Biomedical technologies of control and sells’ systems diagnostics. (confocal microscopy, imaging techniques, etc.) e.t.c.


More than 50% of the educational subjects are courses for choice, which allow students to choose their own educational path.


During the study of some subjects there is an ability to use an e-learning and distance educational technologies, including the MOODLE system.


Research practice take significant part of the educational load and as a rule the partner organizations give places of practice.


In the process of research work completion students have an ability to use the laboratory equipment of the NR TSU shared access center. Experimental work and research in biology and sells medicine (including confocal microscopy and sells material imaging system) are carried out on the base of the modern  high-precision equipment of the Laboratory of translational cell and molecular Biomedicine. The part of the experiments and biological material are provided by the material base of Research Institute of Oncology and Research Institute of Cardiology in the framework of partnership agreements.



Places of employment?

Masters graduated the program, have an ability to continue their education as a graduate students of chemical faculty, and also will be professionally prepared to the work as a heads of the State and non-governmental scientific and scientific-research divisions of organizations (including the international); divisions of experimental-industrial and industrial plants and enterprises.


The graduators are able to work on the modern research equipment and analyze the results, obtained in the process of research, R&D, and expert-analytical works; are able for self-development of the tasks and transform the ideas into the form of research work.




Head of the program: Kurzina Irina Alexandrovna, doctor of physics-mathematic science, professor, head of TSU laboratory of translational sells and molecular biomedicine, tel: +79138821028, e-mail:

Manager of the program: Kosova Natalia Ivanovna, candidate of chemical science, senior researcher of TSU laboratory of translational sells and molecular biomedicine, tel: + 77923 4244253, e-mail:



Address of structural division:

49, Arkadia Ivanova st., Tomsk, 6th NR TSU educational building, faculty of chemistry.

Project coordinator

Yury Kistenev

E-mail: +7 (3822) 528 732