About the project

StrAUInstitute of Biomedicine focuses on interdisciplinary educational programs, based on the results of research of the Centers of Excellence and on technology projects with leading companies. The goal is to train skilled professionals with complex transdisciplinary competencies and thus provide advanced high-tech companies focused on the development of personalized medicine, cellular, genomic, post-genomic, and metabolomics technologies for combating socially significant diseases, with highly qualified personnel.

  • Development of technologies and products for diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular, cancer, and neurodegenerative diseases, including in the framework of a predictive strategy and personalized medicine;
  • Development of high-tech devices for reconstructive surgery.
  • Development of effective technologies for bioremediation of natural systems.
  • Development of new nutraceuticals, including microbiome correction agents.

In the field of diagnosis and treatment the StrAU’s mission is to become an international innovation hub and organize fast transfer of developments into new high-tech medicine products on the basis of the model of translational medicine. Overcoming the translational barriers requires interagency coordination and staff support at all stages of the translational process. A Consortium “Centre for Translational Medicine” (CCTM) was established for this purpose, where TSU acts as the coordinator. The activity of the Centre is a part of the development program of innovative territorial centre INO-Tomsk. There are multidisciplinary Master’s programs that are realized within the StrAU,

It is planned to complete the necessary infrastructure of the CCTM with biobank of biological tissues, vivarium, hybridoma (experimental base); Center for Bioinformatics (Intelligent Analysis / BigData) and research competences in the field of nanomedicine technologies (theatronstics, imaging, molecular visualization). Within the next two years a Center for World-Class Translational Medicine will be established.
Integration of the project participants will provide a synergistic effect of combining infrastructure, human resources and financial resources, and will ensure the sustainability of the StrAU development.